Brunch – Main

  • griddle burger

    cheddar cheese, happy sauce, pickles, goose fat potatoes

  • ravioli

    cauliflower, lemon brown butter, garlic, parmigiano

  • waffles & bone marrow

    corn waffle, wild maine blueberries, hazelnuts, maple balsamic

  • french toast

    house sausage, smoked scramoza, poached egg, maple

  • egg in purgatory

    pomodoro, polenta, gremolata, parmigiano

  • bucket o’ fried chicken

    with house made pickles, chili oil

  • market fish

    charred heirloom tomato broth, pickled fennel and herb salad

  • roasted suckling pig

    from the carving board, corn bread, apple mustardo

  • house cured salmon

    black pepper biscuit, creme fraische, red onion, fried egg

  • pasta "chicken noodle soup"

    saltines, parmigiano